The Sorrento Village Grocer Team

Brenda – Store Manager

Brenda is originally from Langley. She loves exploring what the Shuswap has to offer and finding great spots to walk her dog. She has over 30 years of retail experience and most notably, she was the assistant manager at our sister store in Blind Bay. Brenda would like everyone to have the best shopping experience in the store and if she can help in any way, please let her know. She hopes you will always leave with a smile on your face!

Kelly – Receiver, Liquor and Floor Manager

Kelly is originally from Alberta and loves fishing, camping and milling wood. Kelly likes working at the Sorrento store for its good working environment. He also loves to help show customers where items are in the store like their fresh baked donuts!

Heather – Deli/Bakery

Heather is originally from the Caribou. She loves gardening, reading and her grandchildren. Heather likes working at the Sorrento store because she gets to work along with her amazing colleagues and managers! She loves helping customers with ideas for meals including recommending the instore homemade salads and meals she helps prepare. When Heather is not at work, you will find her camping, swimming and boating in the beautiful Shuswap.

Jocelyn – Bakery

Jocelyn is originally from Vancouver Island and has lived here for many years. She enjoys hunting, fishing and nature in our beautiful region. Jocelyn likes working at the Sorrento store because of all the lovely faces that come through the store daily! She loves taking customers’ orders personally to best serve their request and also recommends the store’s beautiful breads and delicious donuts that are baked daily! When Jocelyn is not at work, you will find her ATVing, hunting and camping.

Sue – Deli/Bakery

Sue is originally from southern Ontario and moved to Blind Bay in 2020. Sue loves dogs, crafting, scrapbooking, and card making. She also loves to paddleboard, kayak, golf and spend time with friends. Sue loves working at the Sorrento store as it is a friendly, inviting, and helpful work environment. Sue always tries to go above and beyond her customer’s expectations. Sue would like customers to know that they can pre-order any bakery products, so they can have it when they want and need it.

Cindy – Cashier

Cindy is originally from the lower mainland/Whistler and loves walking, hiking and snowshoeing outdoors. Cindy loves her staff and the customers and knows most of them by name. You will often find Cindy assisting they throughout the sale and to their car.

VickiJo – Produce

VickiJo is originally from Saskatchewan but was raised in Quesnel, and then moved to Sorrento and has lived here for the past 26+ years! She has been with the Sorrento store for 17 years. VickiJo loves long walks with her dog, hanging with her grandchildren at the beach, and bowling and skating in the winter. She also loves to knit blankets. VickiJo likes working at the Sorrento store because of her co-workers and customers who make it feel like a family environment. She loves to carry out customers’ groceries and has even driven them home in the snow when they are unable to.

Etianna – Deli

Etianna enjoyed hiking, fishing, and paddle boarding in the shuswap. She also enjoys reading, is passionate about playing guitar and singing, and loves to partake in archery. Etianna loves the staff and managers at the store and how kind they are. She also loves lending a helping hand with heavy items for her customers.