The Blind Bay Village Grocer Team

James – President

James is the President of BBVG and has over 20 years of retail management experience. He is a people person and looks forward to working with his team and helping his loyal customers each day. He is proud of BBVG’s large selection of local and made-in-BC products such as meat, produce, coffee, baked goods and dairy. James is known to go above and beyond for his customers by delivering groceries to them and he even helps them with chores such as garbage and snow removal. In his spare time, James loves to be outdoors with his family fishing, hunting, mountain biking or skiing. He also loves coaching hockey and baseball.

Peggy – Store Manager

Peggy is our Store Manager, originally from Vancouver. Over the past ten years at BBVG, Peggy has met so many amazing people that both staff and customers feel like family to her. She enjoys helping customers find everything they are looking for and seeing them leave with a smile! Peggy is focused on supporting local and providing superior customer service. In her spare time, Peggy enjoys going to the beach in the summer!

Kieran – Assistant Manager

Kieran is our hard working Assistant Store Manager, Perishables, originally from White Rock, but he has spent most of his life in the Shuswap and considers it his home. Kieran goes above and beyond for his customers and can provide custom floral orders or order in cases of fruit for customers during canning season. His department offers seasonally grown produce locally, from apples, cherries and stone fruit grown in Oliver to corn grown in Tappen. They also make their own homemade salsa! When asked what he loves about working at BBVG, Kieran said “our friendly staff and the opportunities for growth.”. In his spare time, Kieran loves to go mountain biking, reading and relaxing around a campfire with friends.

Lee – Manager, Special Projects

Lee is our hard-working Manager, Special Projects, originally from Port Alice. He wants customers to know that we have a wide variety of Asian and other ethnic groceries and cuisine available in our store. Lee prides himself on going to extreme lengths to satisfy our customers’ requests and looks forward to conquering the unique set of challenges he is faced with daily. He also loves the people he works with. In his spare time, Lee enjoys hiking, mountain biking, quadding, playing guitar and is an avid computer techie.

Teresa – Online & Personal
Shopping Manager

Teresa is our amazing Online & Personal Shopping Manager, originally from Abbotsford. Teresa is excited about BBVG’s new offering of online shopping and is in charge of managing this program for our customers. It adds a whole new level of customer service and convenience. On a day-to-day basis, she enjoys seeing and talking to her regular customers, and her co-workers feel like an extended family to her. Teresa loves to cook, bake, relax and enjoy her surroundings in the beautiful Shuswap.

Sarah – Bakery/Deli Manager

Sarah is our Bakery and Deli Manager, originally from the coast. Sarah wants customers to know that the bakery department makes custom cakes to order. What she loves most about working at BBVG is the close community setting of Blind Bay and her co-workers. In her spare time, Sarah loves to go boating, ATVing, kayaking, hiking, gardening, spending time with her family and dog Duke, and relaxing at the beach.

Darius – Produce Manager

Darius is our Produce Manager, originally from White Rock. Darius goes above and beyond for his customers by ordering in cases of fruit and vegetables for them during canning season. In his spare time, Darius loves computers, biking, and relaxing in the Shuswap!

Roy – Chef

Roy is our extraordinary Chef, originally from the Philippines. He wants customers to know that there is always a new menu in the deli, samples for tasting, great presentation and it’s always fresh. Roy always has a big smile for his customers and is on a first name basis with most. He is grateful that the BBVG team is friendly and helpful and he also likes to share his knowledge with them. In his spare time, Roy loves to go boating, swimming, and creating spectacular fruit and vegetable arrangements.

Bill – Night Manager

Bill is our dedicated Night Manager, originally from Langley. Bill enjoys assisting elderly clients with carry-outs. He also enjoys the atmosphere and his short commute to BBVG. He love the sunshine, building snow castles and floating in the lake.

Robin – Office Administrator

Robin is our helpful Office Administrator and has lived in Blind Bay for 13 years. Robin loves the camaraderie at the store. She is married, has four daughters, loves to golf and enjoys the sun and lake with family and friends.

Nageshwani (Linda) – Deli Supervisor

Linda is our outstanding Deli Supervisor, originally from the Fiji Islands! She loves meeting and getting to know her customers. She has gone out of her way to make platters on the spot for them. She wants her customer to know that the deli provides catering.  In her spare time she loves cooking and jet skiing.

Gene – Grocery Clerk

Gene is our loyal Grocery Clerk, originally from South Burnaby, and has been with us for many years. He wants customers to know that BBVG offers a home delivery service for our less mobile customers. Gene always goes out of his way to help our customers and has even changed their flat tires! He loves working with all the great staff at BBVG (plus the liquor sampling when he is off duty!). In his spare time, he rides his motorcycle, walks and hikes with his dog, and explores the backroads on his motorbike or 4 x 4.

Daniel – Grocery Clerk

Daniel is one of our friendly grocery workers, who loves to play soccer. Daniel wants customers to know how great the online shopping service is and that you can have your groceries delivered right to your door! What he loves most about working at BBVG is that everyone is so friendly and nice. In his spare time, Daniel enjoys fishing during the summer and playing hockey, baseball, and of course, soccer!

Savannah – Evening Shift Supervisor

Savannah is one of our friendly cashiers, originally from Kimberly. She wants customers to know that BBVG offers Coffee Cards and VILP Cards. The Coffee Cards are stamped after each coffee purchased and once the card is full, customers receive a free coffee. Our VILP card, or Very Important Little Person Card, is for kids aged 3-8. After six visits, kids get to pick a toy out of the prize box. These cards can be picked up at any one of our cashiers. Savannah is very dedicated and has even helped customers on her days off. On working at BBVG she says, “My customers are super friendly, I get to tell jokes on a regular basis, and our team is my family.” In her spare time, she creates stained glass mosaics, plays video games, hikes Margaret Falls, has lunch at Notch Hill Park, and drives to Crazy Creek for fun!