Bacon Latticed Roast Chicken

Hi! It’s me, @agsinspace. After a brief hiatus, I am once again bringing you some delicious, fresh recipes from Blind Bay Village Grocer. This week, I went flyer shopping to prepare a delicious Sunday roast on this shoulder season weekend. (See how many ingredients you can identify from the flyer and get on down to BBVG to do your flyer shop!)

This bacon-latticed roast chicken on a bed of root vegetables is a perfect choice for your Sunday roast, and frankly, a little bit impressive. Also, who doesn’t love bacon, on just about anything? I did a full Sunday meal with yorkies, cheater stuffing (recipe on my Instagram accounts later today), pan gravy, and even a carrot-top gremolata (for those that know mem I am all about no-waste). The combo was a delicious, comforting meal – perfect for a fall weekend.


1 Roasting chicken
8 Rachers thick cut bacon
1 Bag mini potatoes
2 bunches fresh carrots
Several turnips, parsnips, yams, etc. (any root vegetable will do!)
Fresh herbs (rosemary, sage, oregano, etc.)
2 Cups chicken stock
1 Apple
1 Onion
1 Lemon
2 Cloves garlic (crushed)
3 tbsp Maple syrup
3 tbsp Olive oil + 3 tbsp more for drizzle
Spice rub (I used the Char Crust from BBVG) or make your own

Heat your oven to 375. Put a roasting rack down in a roasting pan. Rub your chicken down (including inside cavity) with your chosen spice rub. I chose the “roast” rub from Char Crust. Stuff your chicken with a few slices of lemon, 1/2 onion, various herbs and place on rack. Clean all of your carrots, root veggies and potatoes, apple and 1/2 onion. Place in large bowl. Toss with olive oil, seasoning salt, pepper and herbes de provence (optional or use your own fave spices).Place veggies around chicken in roasting pan. Add a few sprigs of rosemary, thyme or sage to the pan. Pour 2 cups of chicken stock into bottom of pan. On a piece of parchment paper, create a bacon lattice (this is like braiding) – place four rashers of bacon across and then four vertically ; interlace them working from the bottom in an under, over pattern. Place the latticed bacon on the chicken breast, tucking it under the back and around the legs (depending on the size). Roast for 1 hour, 30 minutes. Take our from oven – drizzle with a mix of maple syrup, juice of half lemon, two crushed garlic cloves and olive oil. Out back into bake for 20 minutes more. NOTE: If you find your lattice getting too dark or burning at any time, cover the roasting pan with tin foil and keep cooking for the full 1 hour, 50 minutes. Serve hot (and reserve your pan drippings for gravy!).